The STEP3 Final Conference took place in Belgium!

The final conference was organized by EVBB in Belgium. Through that the consortium aimed to:

  • Receive wider presentation of project’s results to a broader range of stakeholders with a special focus on EU institutions;
  • Disseminate project’s results to EVBB’s network located in Brussels;
  • Send invitations to academics, policy makers, and other associations representatives based in Brussels, Belgium;
  • Improve the accessibility of the STEP3 OER ;
  • Increase the participation rate of 45+ relevant stakeholders.

The final conference aimed to:

  • Introduce the projects results and activities to other stakeholders;
  • Present the DigiComp2 and the new Digital Education Action Plan (2021-2027);
  • Demonstrate the STEP3 OER and its value for VET teachers/trainers/staff and learners;
  • Engage regional/local VET providers and EU stakeholders;
  • Raise awareness and interest in STEP 3 project activities.

The event gathered 56 participants interested in the project activities!

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