Module 1: Information & Data Literacy

Data Fundamentals and Bases

Browsing, Searching _ Filtering of Data, information _ Digital Content

Evaluating Data, Information _ Digital Content

Managing Data, Information _ Digital Content

Teacher Data Literacy

Module 2: Communication & Collaboration

Stimulate collaboration in your team

Collaborating _ Communicating through digital technologies

Interacting through Digital Technologies

Sharing through Digital Technologies

ICT in the classroom

Engaging in Citizenship through Ddigital Technlogies

E-reputation and netiquette

Managing Digital Identity

Module 3: Digital Content Creation

Creating Digital Lesson Plans

Combining Different Formats of Digital Content

Copyright and Licenses

Tools for Content Creation

Developing Video Digital Content

Evaluate Digital Content

Module 4: Safety

Protecting Devices

Protecting Personal Data _ Privacy

Protecting Health _ Well-being

Protecting the Enviroment

Coping with Stress

Module 5: Problem Solving

Solving Technical Problems

Identifying Needs and Technological Responses

Creatively Using Digital Technologies

Identifying Digital Comptence Gaps

Problem-based Learning

Compiled Lesson Versions