The STEP3 project has been launched!

The project SMART TRAINING EDUCATION PLATFORM (STEP 3) has officially started!

STEP 3 is an answer to the challenges related to the rapid transition to new forms of e training in the VET environment. The main aim of the STEP 3 Project is to support digital education readiness, delivering 30 innovative, tailored e-learning modules in the form of OER for the upskilling of VET teachers and trainers.

STEP 3 includes several technological improvements, such as the introduction of e-tools and training materials in the form of 30 Learning Modules, which are distributed as OER through the partnership. These solutions seek to bridge the gap between present VET institution, teacher, and trainer needs.

STEP 3 also intends to improve the online learning experience, career assistance, and peer mentorship in order to improve and expand the use of the OER solutions established during the project. Partners from Belgium, Germany, Greece, Italy, Portugal, and Cyprus are collaborating to ensure the success of this initiative.

STEP 3 marks a significant advancement in the field of VET digital education. Stay tuned for more updates!

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