The STEP3 Final Conference took place in Belgium!

The final conference was organized by EVBB in Belgium. Through that the consortium aimed to: Receive wider presentation of project’s results to a broader range of stakeholders with a special focus on EU institutions; Disseminate project’s results to EVBB’s network located in Brussels; Send invitations to academics, policy makers, and other associations representatives based in […]

The STEP3 Joint Staff Training activity took place in Belgium!

During a three-day learning activity, our partners presented the digital competence framework, highlighting different aspects and sharing tips and tricks for developing essential digital skills. Through interactive exercises and activities, we collaborated and exchanged ideas and knowledge around the importance of these skills.  One of the key highlights of the project was the STEP3 Open […]

The STEP3 Open Educational Resource platform has officially been launched!

The STEP3 OER Platform is now LIVE! The STEP3 Open Educational Resources (OER) platform is a key highlight of the project. It offers a wide range of resources that are accessible to everyone and can be used to develop digital skills. The platform is a valuable resource for both teachers and learners, offering a variety […]

Register now for the STEP3 Final Conference!

Register now for the STEP3 final conference! Why should you register? Learn about the latest developments in digital education and VET upskilling Discover innovative approaches to VET digital upskilling Hear from experts and practitioners from across Europe Network and collaborate with peers in your field Gain knowledge and skills to improve the quality of education […]

The STEP3 4th   Translational project meeting took place in Belgium!

The 4th Transnational project meeting of the STEP3 project has just wrapped up, with our partners joining both online and offline to discuss the project’s progress and closure. During the meeting, we focused on the different modules of the STEP3 OER, which are centered on the digital Competence Framework. Our partners and team members brainstormed […]

The STEP3 3rd  Translational project meeting took place in Germany!

After more than one year of project work in the digital spheres, the STEP3 Consortium was able to meet in person in Berlin to see each other face to face for the 3rd transnational partnership meeting with BK CON, ENAIP NET, ISQ, AKMI International, European Association of Institutes for Vocational Training (EVBB), European Vocational Training Association – EVTA & Zewelepe. Within two […]

The STEP3 2nd Translational project meeting took place online!

The 2nd Transnational project meeting successfully took place online on 8th of November 2021. The partners discussed the activities and the overall implementation of the project. Additionally, the Learning Objectives, Modules and the OER platform were discussed and significant decisions were made. The consortium will continue working to develop the STEP3 OER that will be […]

The STEP3 Kick off meeting took place online!

The STEP3 project kick off meeting took place online through Microsoft Teams on the 12th of May 2021. The partnership came together online to discuss the project’s activities, outputs and objectives. Additionally, they developed a clear plan of action for the following months focusing on the individual responsibilities. Stay tuned for more updates!

The STEP3 project has been launched!

The project SMART TRAINING EDUCATION PLATFORM (STEP 3) has officially started! STEP 3 is an answer to the challenges related to the rapid transition to new forms of e training in the VET environment. The main aim of the STEP 3 Project is to support digital education readiness, delivering 30 innovative, tailored e-learning modules in […]